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Reavis Alumni High School Class of 1967 - 1967 in Review

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A Look Back at 1967
The Beatles led the pack once again with the definitive concept album, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, and the enjoyable followup Magical Mystery Tour.

The entire crew of the Apollo One spacecraft including Virgil Grissom, Edward White and Roger Chaffee were killed during a pre-launch rehearsal after fire swept through their Saturn rocket as it sat on its launching pad. The tragedy marked the first deaths of any astronaut while actively engaged in the American space program.

American labor leader Jimmy Hoffa was arrested and sentenced to thirteen years in prison following a series of government investigations into illegal business practices. While serving his sentence at a federal prison in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, he refused to resign as president of the Teamsters and retained the support of most union members. United States President Richard Nixon eventually commuted Hoffa's sentence releasing him from prison on Christmas Eve, 1971. Four years later, while attempting to rebuild his administration, Hoffa 'disappeared' after apparently attending a meeting at the Red Fox restaurant in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. To this day, the Teamster leader has never been found and was declared legally dead in 1982.

The Chicago Cubs and New York Mets combined for eleven home runs (Cubs eight, Mets three) during the second game of a June 11th doubleheader. The unexpected 'home run derby' tied a Major League record originally set by the Detroit Tigers and New York Yankees in 1950.

Tony Perez ended the longest All-Star Game in Major League history (fifteen innings) to date after launching a home run off 'Catfish' Hunter for the 2-1 National League victory. Despite the game-winning hit, pitching reigned supreme at this Midsummer Classic as Ferguson Jenkins of the National League struck out seven, the American League allowed no walks and both leagues combined for thirty total strikeouts

Chicago 1967~Snowstorm

Chicago's snowstorm of the century occurred in the winter of 1967. After unseasonably warm temperatures, snow started falling at 5:02 a.m. Thursday January 26. Snow continued to fall through Friday morning for a total accumulation of 23 inches, with drifts to 6 feet. Almost all schools, offices and other work places were closed for several days.The Department of Streets and Sanitation estimated that 75 million tons of snow fell on Chicago. Some of it was sent south in empty railcars as a present to Florida children who had never seen snow before.

Riverview Park Closes

Use this link for a very interesting site about the history of Riverview Park which closed its doors in 1967 after a 64 year run as as 'The World’s Largest Amusement Park'.

El Biancos Restaurant
Remember those great dinners you had at El Bianco's?  We've added a link to the restaurants Memorial site.  Just go to our main page and click on Offsite Links.  Take a walk down memory lane.
IN OLD ITALY, as Henry Bianco of the Club El Bianco, 2747 W. 63rd Street in Chicago, remembers it, most families ate modest and usually unchanging meals most days of the year. But holidays, anniversaries — anything calling for a celebration — were observed with fiesta meals which took as much as two or three weeks’ preparation beforehand. Explaining that people did not eat in Italy everyday as “we do at Biancos,” because it took too much time to prepare such meals. Henry says, “But a feast day, Christmas day, special anniversaries, everyone turned out to prepare everything conceivable at its very best.  
Cheeses, antipastos, salads, soups, meats, desserts, and wines — a great day celebrated in a great way not to be forgotten in the days between feasts.” This fiesta theme is the backdrop for the Bianco restaurant, and it was founded in 1948 on the conviction that every meal should be a special occasion and birthdays, holidays, etc., should be celebrated with special, deluxe Fiesta Dinners, where the diners (served family style) enjoy the profusion of delicacies of an Italian feast day without the labor of preparation.

Oak Lawn Tornado
1967 Tornado
On April 21, 1967, a devastating tornado struck Oak Lawn. At 5:30 p.m., an F4-estimated tornado touched down near Palos Hills. It strengthened and, in the space of six minutes, tore a 16.2-mile (65 mph ground speed) swath of destruction through Oak Lawn, Hometown and Evergreen Park and devastated the south side of Chicago before moving offshore to Lake Michigan as people were stuck in traffic during Friday rush hour. For that reason, this tornado ended up being the deadliest in the outbreak. It was also, at that time, the deadliest tornado to hit a U.S. urban area. Thirty-three people were killed and there were 1000 injuries. There were 16 deaths alone at the intersection of Southwest Highway and W. 95th Street in Oak Lawn. It destroyed 152 homes and damaged 900, causing $50 million in damage.

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