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Reavis Alumni High School Class of 1967 - Message Board

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Don Lunt and Phyllis Berngen
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Barbara Jones
08-17-2011 08:23am
Hi Rams,  I think you can now use my help Jim.   I'm Barbara Jones and I'm one of the supervisors from classmates and my mom went to Reavis and I used to be Donna Allen's supervisor.  One of my jobs was to investigate Jim Hynes, Don Lunt and Phyllis Berngen from Reavis class of 1967 because of the accusations going on.  I found Jim Hynes to be very honest and his site is great.  I discovered Don Lunt uses several different names to say bad things about other classmates.  Some of the names he used or still uses are Mike Thompson, Rich Oles, Cindy Swift, Jim Stout and other names.  Don Lunt seems to be a hot head and loves blowing off steam on his computer along with his wife Marcia Vorisek Lunt.   Phyllis Berngen makes a lot of nonsence post such as she had 50 people coming to her picnic but none of them want anyone to know who they are and then posted that all 50 showed up at her picnic in a bus after everyone left.  Now she claims she has 82 people or guest coming to her 45th reunion but again none of them want anyone to know who they are and they will again show up after everyone else leaves her reunion.  Please let everyone from Reavis know about Don and Marcie Vorisek Lunt along with Phyllis Berngen and warn anyone that communicates with them to be on there guard all the time.  Good luck to all my fellow Reavis Rams as I'm a alumni and I hate when other alumni try and destroy nice things.  Jim please let me know if you need my help in the future because I can tell everyone a lot more about the Lunts and Phyllis.  Thanks Rams: From Barbara Jones.

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